[EMBOSS] final version of wEMBOSS out !

Guy Bottu gbottu at vub.ac.be
Wed Feb 3 10:50:38 UTC 2010

	Dear users of wEMBOSS,

We just released version 2.2 of wEMBOSS. It has a completely cleaned and 
debugged code and is (at least for some while) the final version. If you 
have already wEMBOSS, you should definitively upgrade. You can download 
it from http://wemboss.sourceforge.net/
Note that if your previous installation of wEMBOSS is version 2.0 or 
higher, you can do the installation very easily by recovering the 
yourAnswers file from the previous installation and doing :
perl install.pl < yourAnswers

	Marc Colet and Guy Bottu,
	the wEMBOSS development team

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