[EMBOSS] vectorstrip not finding match

Alan Twaddle twaddlac at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 18:33:36 UTC 2010


     I am having some trouble getting vectorstrip to match the vector
sequences with the sequence data. I have attached the vector file and some
of my test data along with this message. I don't know if it is a formatting
error or not but I am out of ideas for this one. However, I haven''t used
this software before so I may be missing something, but I listed the command
line arguments that I changed (those that are prompted but NOT listed below
were kept as the default settings). Please let me know if you have any
suggestions, thank you!

Also, is there a way to trim quality files, too?

vectorstrip -sequence L3-cDNA-500-PFU-clA-M13R.ab1.seq -vectorsfile
-Show only the best hits? N


Alan Twaddle, B.S.
MUC class of 2010
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