[EMBOSS] Needle with penalty for end gaps

Peter Rice pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Aug 19 07:26:10 UTC 2009

Frank Förster wrote:
> Are there any news on this topic? I have to perform a lot of pairwise
> global alignments (without free end gaps) and either I have to program
> my own software or use existing software. Needle owns all needed
> features except the "only free end behavior". So I am really interested
> in getting a version of needle able to help me ;)

We are just coming to the end of our "40 days and 40 nights" since the 
release when we try not to break anything by making changes - and while 
we work on finishing the book texts which is really what has kept us busy.

We will get on to this next week (the 40 days runs out on Monday 24th 
:-) and can give you an early version to try.

> Thanks for the great EMBOSS package.

Thanks for the very welcome thanks!



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