[EMBOSS] tfscan error received

Jean Mao maoj at helix.nih.gov
Fri Oct 10 15:39:59 UTC 2008


I ran tfscan using a fragment about 200 mega bp and successfully created a 2gb output file without error. But recently the same job failed (with the same transfac datafile). The error I got is:

Uncaught exception:  Allocation failed, insufficient memory available, raised at embpat.c:1475

The command I used was 

tfscan -menu O -mismatch 0 -minlength 4 -sequence inseq -outfile outseq

The output file was indeed created but only about 20mb.

I tried to run the same job several times and got 1 successful run and got 2gb of output file as well. The binary, the database and the computer node I ran on have all stay the same. Is there any reasonable explanation about this?



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