[EMBOSS] (no subject)

Mahmut Uludag uludag at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Nov 12 16:38:56 UTC 2008

Hi Mahvash,

> iam a bioinformatics student and workin in linux .. my project is on
> coxepression of genes in humans ... but i dont know much abt java.. as  java
> is the language which  linux supports and not csharp..
> i wanted to compare the start of mrna and coding regions to check the
> presence or absence of TSS ...

I talked to a colleague from the EBI RNA genomics group about your
question. Harpreet told me you can do these comparisons using the
Ensembl web site. I now forward your message to Harpreet. (If she can't
post her answer to the emboss list, as she is not a member on the list,
I will try posting on her behalf)


> if anyone can help i will be really grateful..
> thanks
> mahvash

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