[EMBOSS] wEMBOSS 1.8.0 and wrappers4EMBOSS 2.2.0 released

Guy Bottu gbottu at vub.ac.be
Thu Jul 24 16:11:37 UTC 2008

         Dear users of wEMBOSS,

We have the pleasure to announce that the new version of wEMBOSS has
been released. It contains important bug and feature fixes :
- wEMBOSS allows you to type in your Email address, so that the program
   is started "in the background" and you are warned by Email when it has
   finished. The idea was that you could then start other programs or
   close your Web browser. At a certain moment however a bug has appeared
   that made that on many systems the program crashed when you tried that.
   This bug has been fixed.
- wEMBOSS did not work under Mac OSX unless a small change was made in
   the code (in the SETUID part). To relieve wEMBOSS site managers from
   the burden of having to "hack" the code themselves, we now distribute
   separate versions for Mac OSX and for other UNIX flavours.
- The "Search for programs" function retrieved a huge number of
   irrelevant program names. This number has been drastically reduced by
   avoiding to search in the "See also" section of the program manuals.
- The on-line manuals in HTML format are installed at different
   locations, depending on EMBOSS version and whether it is a standard
   EMBOSS or an EMBASSY program. wEMBOSS can now always find the manual,
   wherever it is installed by default.

For a complete list of the changes you can look at the Changelog :

wEMBOSS 1.8.0 is released together with the new version 2.1.0 of
wrappers4EMBOSS. Besides a lot of fixes, refreshments and enhancements
it addresses the following important issues :
- Those who installed the EBI Web Services module will have noticed that
   it stopped functioning. The reason is that the EBI upgraded its SOAP
   server without backwards compatibility. The new version of the wrapper
   contains upgraded versions of the clients.
- This some were asking for : a tool to use a remote MRS server as
   sequence access mechanism under EMBOSS (using Web Services).
- The PHYLIP suite (available under EMBOSS as an EMBASSY package)
   handles quite well the parsimony and distances methods, but is very
   weak for Maximum Likelihood (only 1 model, slow on big datasets). To
   address this deficiency we have added wrappers for PhyML and

For a complete list of the changes you can look at the Changelog :

         Belgian EMBnet Node - wEMBOSS development team,
         Guy Bottu

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