[EMBOSS] The location of the HTML manuals

Guy Bottu gbottu at vub.ac.be
Thu Jul 10 13:44:08 UTC 2008

	Dear Peter and Alan,

We are currently working on a new version of wEMBOSS+wrappers4EMBOSS and on this 
occasion we were again disturbed by the location of the manuals in HTML format. 
Indeed, they once were all in one directory, but now they are partly in 
.../share/EMBOSS/doc/html/emboss/apps and partly in 
.../share/EMBOSS/doc/html/embassy/xxx. I actually wonder what problem you tried 
to solve by doing that. It certainly creates a problem for developers of Web 
interfaces, because popping up a manual by generating a hyperlink is not easy ;
when all the manuals are in the same directory the interface program must just 
generate an hyperlink  yyyyyy/xxx.html, where yyyyy is always the same thing and 
xxx is the name of the program. At the BEN site it works because I manually 
copied all the manuals to one location. This however does not make life easy for 
those who download+install wEMBOSS(+wrappers4EMBOSS).

	Guy Bottu,

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