[EMBOSS] wrappers4EMBOSS 2.0.0 released

Guy Bottu gbottu at vub.ac.be
Fri Nov 30 11:44:27 UTC 2007

	Dear colleagues,

You might have noticed that the wEMBOSS SourceForge site had not been updated 
for quite a while. The reason is the tragic disease and decease of our site 
manager and fellow developer Martin Sarachu from the Argentinean EMBnet Node 
(see http://www.embnet.org/files/shared/EMBnetNews/embnet_news13_3-high.pdf). 
The maintenance of the wEMBOSS project has now resumed and we can announce the 
release of a new version 2.0.0 of wrappers4EMBOSS. A new version of wEMBOSS 
(with version 2 of wrappers4EMBOSS included) is to be expected for begin 2008.

An important change in wrappers4EMBOSS is that it now uses the EMBASSY module 
MYEMBOSS rather then EMBOSS itself for compiling and installing. This has two 
advantages : it goes much faster (which can be convenient if you need to redo it 
several times) and it avoids overwriting customizations you might have performed 
directly in the installed version of EMBOSS rather than in the source 
(addressing an issue raised by some users). Problem is that the manual in HTML 
format is now installed in .../share/EMBOSS/doc/html/embassy/myseq. A future 
version of wEMBOSS will fully address the problem of manual location ; for the 
moment users of wEMBOSS and some other GUI's might have to copy the manual 
entries "manually" to another location.

There are two new modules : an interface to a local installation of the 
InterProScan server and an interface to a local installation of Maarten 
Hekkelman's MRS software for indexing databanks. The MRS module contains a 
program mrsindexsearch, which is much like the SRS based indexsearch. It also 
provides a tool for using a local MRS as sequence databank access mechanism for 
EMBOSS and a command line scripting tool. For a complete list of changes, you 
can consult the Changelog

As far as we know, wrappers4EMBOSS 2.0.0 and wEMBOSS 1.7.1 work well with all 
versions of EMBOSS from 3.0.0 to 5.0.0. If you however notice a bug, let us 
know. Also, since we do not have an SRS server anymore, we do not have the 
expertise for continuing supporting SRS beyond version 8.1 ; if you have a 
version 8.2 and notice a need for change in our SRS module, suggestions are welcome.

	Belgian EMBnet Node - wEMBOSS development team,
	Guy Bottu

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