[EMBOSS] dbigcg/dbxgcg and GCG 11

Peter Rice pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Nov 5 18:35:13 UTC 2007

Dear John,

> I'm having trouble with GCG databases made from EMBL-format data - have
> you also got it to work with them?
> Neither dbigcg nor dbxgcg produce errors when applied to GCG 11 db
> files, but dbxgcg produces .pxac and .pxid files with Count = 0. dbigcg
> seems to work but then seqret returns a 'seqGcgReadSeq bad ID line'.
> It works ok for GCG 10 format dbs.

No other reports of problems in EMBOSS 5.0.0 ... Can you send me a small 
example (maybe one of the smaller database files) that fails so I can test.


Peter Rice

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