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Per the original announcement of EMBOSS 5.0.0, mEMBOSS is the new designation of the Windows version of EMBOSS; see the announcement excerpt below:

2) Windows

The Microsoft Windows version is now called mEMBOSS and installs with a
standalone version of Jemboss as a GUI; command line gurus can still use a
command window of course. You must first install Java from java.sun.com (or
java.com) and the vcredist_x86.exe file from the EMBOSS ftp server or the
Microsoft web site (N.B. the latter file is a new version with the current
release, previous releases from the ftp server will not work). mEMBOSS and
vcredist_x86.exe are available in:


Please use the name mEMBOSS (not EMBOSS or EMBOSSWIN) when asking any
questions about the Windows version on the EMBOSS mailing lists. mEMBOSS has
been developed under XP and tested under XP and VISTA, though it will likely
work under several other Windows versions.


Jerry Mullersman

Ryan Golhar <golharam at umdnj.edu> wrote: What is mEMBOSS?  I'm not familiar with this one and do not see if on the

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A new version of mEMBOSS-5.0.0-setup.exe has been put on the ftp server
(filename unchanged as it is just an enhancement).

It had been noticed that the original version only worked if your Java was
up-to-date (1.6 u2). This new version should also work with Java 1.4 and
Java 1.5. Furthermore, it will auto-detect the Java location and halt
installation if Java is not found.


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