[EMBOSS] EMBOSS 5.0.0 available as a Debian package.

Charles Plessy charles-listes-emboss at plessy.org
Sun Jul 22 10:55:17 UTC 2007

Le Sun, Jul 15, 2007 at 09:05:17AM +0100, ajb at ebi.ac.uk a écrit :
> 1) UNIX
> EMBOSS 5.0.0 for UNIXen is now available from the usual ftp server i.e.
>        ftp://emboss.open-bio.org/pub/EMBOSS/

Dear all,

I am very happy to announce that since this release 5.0.0, the
Debian-Med project provides binary packages for EMBOSS.

Installation on Debian is now as easy as "aptitude install emboss".  By
default, Debian's tool "aptitude" will also install dialign and primer3,
so that the wrappers can work out of the box[1]. For clustalw, due to
licence issues, you will need to add the "non-free" category to your
package list, and "aptitude install clustalw"

Debian's package for EMBOSS has been tested as an experimental package
for version 4.1.0 and is expected to be stable. However, it still has
the following limitations:
 - Since the pcre_internal.h header is not shipped in the "emboss-libs"
   package, compiling external apps will be difficult (but we are
   working on this).
 - EMBASSY is not yet available.
 - Java support is disabled by default.
 - The "cons" and "pscan" had to be renamed "em_cons" and "em_pscan"
   because other programs with this name are already in Debian. However,
   we provide an additional path, /usr/lib/emboss, in which we guarantee
   that names will always be unchanged.

Debian packages for EMBOSS provide a manpage for each program. They are
autobuilt from the acd files, and their informational content is a bit
higher than the --help option, and lower than the tfm manual.

In addition to EMBOSS, we also packaged the emboss-explorer frontend.
Just "apt-get install emboss-explorer" and enjoy it at:

We are now working on packaging the EMBASSY programs.

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy, for the Debian-Med packaging team.

[1] After writing this email, I realised that edialign dissapeared in
    EMBOSS 5.0.0. An updated package will be uploaded, which does not
    depend on dialign.

Charles Plessy
Debian-Med packaging team
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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