[EMBOSS] [emboss-dev] MRS 3 as EMBOSS sequence access mechanism

Peter Rice pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Sun Jul 8 14:22:00 UTC 2007

Guy Bottu wrote:
> Alas, with MRS2 you could write a single URL to perform a query and then
> retrieve the result as plain text. With MRS3 this has become impossible,
> because there are now separate programs. Could EMBOSS eventually first
> ask for a query.do, parse the reply and then ask for a plain.do ?
> Or you could consider using the Web services instead. I have no 
> experience with the Web services under MRS3 ; I will in the coming weeks 
> try to get informed.

Yes ... we already do something like that for Entrez.

> There is no documentation for the moment. Well, let's not blame dear 
> Maarten, he is alone in his corner with a big development project...
> You can however find a list of available databanks, with for each 
> databank the available field shortnames. It is possible to write an URL
> like ..../mrs-3/query.do?db=uniprot&query=id:papa?_carpa|ac:papa?_carpa

Thanks. The query access will now have to wait for EMBOSS 5.1.0. The 
basic ID retrieval is in the 5.0.0 release.



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