[EMBOSS] [emboss-dev] MRS 3 as EMBOSS sequence access mechanism

Peter Rice pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Jul 6 09:20:47 UTC 2007

Guy Bottu wrote:

> It is not possible to search several databanks at the same time, but MRS 3 has 
> composite indexes for e.g. uniprot (=sprot+trembl) or embl (=nonredundant 
> release + updates). It is also impossible to make a query with wild cards. A 
> suppementary problem is that the MRS WWW server wants to set a cookie.

We do not handle cookies. MRS3 will have to work without them. It appears it does.

How does MRS3 search for other fields (accession, etc.)?

Where is the MRS server documentation??? I found no documentation of the URL 
syntax or query fields at the CMBI server.


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