[EMBOSS] Antigenic - input file format?

km km at mrna.tn.nic.in
Tue Oct 24 21:28:57 UTC 2006


> I want to use the package called 'Antigenic' in EMBOSS.
> I am not quite clear about the input file format to be used.
pls consult EMBOSS documentation on the system by typing
$tfm antigenic 

> How can I input a fasta file to the program?
first check: 
tfm antigenic 
then, assuming that ur set of sequence(s) are in a textfile(myseqs.fa) in fasta format run:
$antigenic -sequence myseqs.fa
> is it possible to use a text file that has the amino acid sequence in a fasta format?
>In which folder should the file be?

simple solution would be that the sequence 
current folder 


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