[EMBOSS] Simple configuration of databases

Maxim Jankov golergka at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 06:29:15 UTC 2006

Hi, dear all :)
I'm quite new to emboss and never been to serious administration routine,
but now I need to have a proper installation of emboss at home (Ubuntu 6.10)
for educational purposes (cos university server goes down often) - and not
only emboss, but all the main databases, like swissprot, embl, pdb and for
sure several more that I yet dunno about.
Fortunately, I don't want to download all these gigabytes, and better
configure emboss to work with all that db's online. But the bad thing is
that I'm completely stuck in all that manuals and just begging for help of
someone who done configuration like that and can provide me with ready or
easy-to-understand config files.
Thank you.

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