[EMBOSS] about restriction mapping - Checked by AntiVir DEMO version -

pmr at ebi.ac.uk pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Nov 9 23:30:07 UTC 2006

Dear Guy,

> While giving a course yesterday I was reminded of the following thing :
> Under GCG the restriction mapping programs have a parameter allowing to
> precise sequence ranges where enzymes are not allowed to cut. This can be
> very useful, e.g. when you want to select restriction enzymes that allow
> to cut out a gene to be cloned (which of course should not cut inside the
> gene). Would it not be nice if the EMBOSS programs had the same
> functionality ? Does anybody else also feel a need for this feature ?

Easy to add as a set of ranges with a new qualifier.

All we need is to know how many users want us to do it.



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