[EMBOSS] Problem indexing PDB fasta file

Enrique de Andres Saiz enrique.deandres at pcm.uam.es
Thu Mar 30 15:46:30 UTC 2006


I'm trying to index the fasta file of the PDB database with dbifasta 
command and I get a lot of warnings as:

Warning: Duplicate ID skipped: '1FNT_A' All hits will point to first ID 

I have been looking the PDB fasta file and I see that, for the previous 
warning, there are an entry whoose id is '1FNT_A' and another one whoose 
id is '1FNT_a'. Then, this make me think that EMBOSS is 
case-insensitive. Is this true? Are there any way to distinguish between 
the two id's?

Thanks in advance,


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