[EMBOSS] Oddcomp behaves oddly ...

Jon Ison jison at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Mar 8 11:05:33 UTC 2006

Hi Marc

What might be cleaner is if we modify the ACD file so that any window
size bigger than the sequence length is reprompted for.

Also, to add a qualifier to set the window to the sequence length, if
that'd help.



>> Basically what is happening is that there is a check for the
>> length of the sequence being shorter than the window.  It may
>> well be this that is giving the problem.
> This was a perfect diagnosis. It works fine when I make the window size
> off one.
> But I guess it should not be a problem for oddcomp being the window size
> equal (or even larger) to the length of the sequence ? It is a way of
> saying: don't bother with window sizes, just take the complete thing.
> Could be a nice to have feature.
> Thanks David,
> Marc
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