[EMBOSS] the dbfetch and mrs access methods - Checked by AntiVir DEMO version -

ajb at ebi.ac.uk ajb at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Jul 27 12:06:09 UTC 2006

Hello Guy,

Posted this yesterday but their were problems with our mailer. Reposting
as it hasn't appeared in the list archives.

> EMBOSS version 4 has two new database access methods : "mrs" and
> "dbfetch". Unfortunately, there seems to be nowhere a documentation that
> tells how to configure it in emboss.defaults and I did not succeed. Has
> anyone already successfully intstalled EMBOSS 4 and used these mthods ?

A quick look shows that it does seem to be an oversight in the release. The
code is there but it appears not to have been activated in ajnam.c
(easy to fix). However, once that's done there does appear to be another
minor issue with mrs retrieval.

More on this and any necessary fix, probably next week, when the rest of
the development team get back from their holidays (we do at least try to
maintain demarcation within the code.)


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