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ajb at ebi.ac.uk ajb at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Jul 27 10:45:15 UTC 2006

Hello David,

Thanks, it would be interesting to know what triggers it.
It ought to be safe under all circumstances that I've been able
to think of but I may have missed one. A program is supplied
in the distribution called setenv.exe which is called by the
installer. That program does the obvious sort of things and has
a switch to specify appending. That switch is, of course, set.

As you probably know, environment variables are handled differently
in XP/2K compared to 98/ME. In the former it's a registry thing, for
the others it's an autoexec.bat alteration job. setenv.exe should
be able to deal with both. The uninstaller will call setenv.exe with a
different switch + the installation path so that that specific part of
the PATH will be deleted.


 setenv -a envvarname value        creates and overwrites
 setenv -a envvarname %value       adds value to envvar (used for PATH)

 setenv -d envvarname              deletes an envvar
 setenv -d envvarname %value       removes value from envvar

The above ought to help you with your investigation.



> Hello Alan,
> it was on "a kind of" XP Pro. This is not a generic XP but a special core
> build designed for company use.
> I will test the Emboss setup on my XP Home and some other XP Pro to see
> what happens to the PATH.
> David.
> ajb at ebi.ac.uk schrieb am 26/07/2006 21:41:56:
>> Hello David,
>> > The Windows version is a bit dangerous because it does not append the
>> > installation directory to the system path variable but it overvrites
> this
>> > variable.
>> On XP systems here it doesn't overwrite, rather it adds it to the PATH.
>> On which Windows systems do you experience overwriting?
>> Alan

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