[EMBOSS] emboss explorer installation - Checked by AntiVir DEMO ver

Guy Bottu gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be
Thu Jul 27 08:20:04 UTC 2006

On Wed, Jul 26, 2006 at 06:37:25PM -0500, Andres Pinzon wrote:
> I just installed emboss 4.0 and wemboss 1.6.0, everythings fine ;-)

I'm afraid you did not take a good look, because wEMBOSS 1.6.0 does not 
handle a few things that changed between EMBOSS 3.0 and 4.0 :
- the program pages cannot display the length of the sequence, because 
  the output format of infoseq changed
- the "fuzzies" do not work because of the new object "pattern"
- wEMBOSS cannot find the on-line manuals because their location changed 
  (see also below)
This will be fixed in wEMBOSS 1.7.0, which will be out end August or 
begin September.

> Now im trying to install emboss-explorer (it used to be a
> straightforward install) but some things went wrong, for instance, it
> never finds the emboss manuals, as far as i can see from the install
> file it tries to find'em in:
> $EMBOSS_PREFIX/share/EMBOSS/doc/programs/html
> But actually they are in:
>  $EMBOSS_PREFIX/share/EMBOSS/doc/html/emboss/apps

Try the following :
cd $EMBOSS_PREFIX/share/EMBOSS/doc/programs
ln -s $EMBOSS_PREFIX/share/EMBOSS/doc/html/emboss/apps html
(or make a directory html and just copy the files)

Under wEMBOSS it works and I see no reason why it should not work under 
emboss explorer. The only problem is that if you have also "Embassadirs" 
there are troubles in navigating from one manual page to another because 
the Embassadirs are supposed to have their pages in different 

	Guy Bottu,
	Belgian EMBnet Node

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