[EMBOSS] Jemboss - fuzzpro main panel

Tim Carver tjc at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Aug 25 11:36:28 UTC 2006

Hi Aengus

This is a problem in the current EMBOSS release.
I have committed a temporary fix in CVS.


On 25/8/06 09:34, "Aengus Stewart" <aengus.stewart at cancer.org.uk> wrote:

> Hi,
> Sorry I have a problem with Jemboss - the panel for fuzzpro only has a box for
> "input sequence"  there is no way to enter a pattern!  fuzzpro runs correctly
> at the command line.
> Is there a set of files that define the panel interfaces?  Have I managed to
> mangle these or are they wrong?  How do I get/build a new set?
> Aengus

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