[EMBOSS] Antwort: Re: EMBOSS Digest, Vol 13, Issue 4

David.Bauer at SCHERING.DE David.Bauer at SCHERING.DE
Tue Aug 8 06:19:00 UTC 2006


If you just start with emboss on windows, why don't you try the latest
version 4.0.0 ?
You can find it in ftp://emboss.open-bio.org/pub/EMBOSS/windows/.

Unfortunately this won't help much, because there seems to be a problem
with emma also in the new windows version.
emma is not a full application, but only an interface to the multiple
alignment program clustalW.
The current windows version of EMBOSS contains an clustalw executable, but
this doesn't work. (Error message I get: "The system cannot execute the
specified program").
I replaced it with the XP executable from
ftp://ftp.ebi.ac.uk/pub/software/dos/clustalw/ but now I'm getting a
different problem.
The clustalw used directly runs without problem. But if called from emma
it complains:
CLUSTAL W (1.83) Multiple Sequence Alignments
Error: unknown option /-infile=00002432A
Error: Failed to open filename '00002432B'
Problem writing out EMBOSS alignment file
clustalw needs just /infile= and not /-infile=

So I guess Alan can resolve what's going on here ;-)


Btw. I could not reproduce the Path overwriting on any generic XP (Pro or
Home) so it has something to do with our local XP installtion but I could
not find the reason so far.

emboss-bounces at lists.open-bio.org schrieb am 08/08/2006 05:10:05:

> Hi, Everyone,
> I am learning EMBOSSwin(2.10.0-win-0.8) by myself recently. But a
> puzzled me when I want to align mutiple sequences. I used the command
> "emma", it can't work. I don't know why and how to resolve it. Does
> help me? many thanks.
> Kevin Hwang.
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