[EMBOSS] user-profile-regarding

vijayaraj nagarajan bioinfovijayaraj at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 10 07:52:14 UTC 2004

hi friends

i created a user with default BASH shel.
i created another user with default CSH shel.
i have set the path of the PLPLOT_LIB in the

now..the problem is ...i could execute the text based
emboss programs in both the user prompts.

But, when i try to save the output in PS or in PNG
format...(X based...), then i could do this only in
the user who has BASH by default. 
i get the error (set path error), when i run the same
program with the other user, whose default shel is

we have gcg wisconsin also running in the same server
and the user need csh . so, if i change the shell from
default to bash, after logging in...even then i
couldnt run the x based outputs.....

pls help me to solve this problem.
i need to run both gcg and emboss from the same user.

i couldnt also set the environment after logging in to
the users...as i get the command not found error..in
the users...but not with the root.

pls help.
thanks in advance.

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