[EMBOSS] dbiflat bug?

Antonio Cavallo cavallo at biochem.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Oct 27 09:37:45 UTC 2004

I've been using embos dbiflat to index the EMBL data base.
After creating the index with dbiflat using the following command:

dbiflat -directory `pwd` -filenames '*.dat' -dbname 'embl' -release '80' -idformat EMBL -date '26/10/04'

and setup the embossrc file I've used seqret to retrive an entry:

entret -sequence embl:x08058

Unfortunately it returns another entry (cr197958) that has nothing to do with the entry I want.
Am I doing anything worng here? Is that any known bug I should be aware of?
best regards,
antonio cavallo

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