[EMBOSS] problem to retrieve sequences with seqret after indexing the data base

Barretto,Caroline,LAUSANNE,NRC/BAS Caroline.Barretto at rdls.nestle.com
Mon Jan 19 11:26:15 UTC 2004

Dear all,

I have indexed a database with "dbifasta" and modified the ".embossrc" file:
When I use the seqret command to retrieve the sequence, here is the error I

$ seqret Database:NC_005126
Reads and writes (returns) sequences
Error: Database Entry 'NC_005126' not found
Error: Unable to read sequence 'Database:NC_005126'
Died: seqret terminated: Bad value for option [sequence] and no prompt

But this sequence is present in the database file...

Do you know why I cannot find it ?

Thank you very much for your help...

Best regards

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