[EMBOSS] ExternalMethodQuery

Tamas Hegedus hegedus at biomembrane.hu
Fri Jan 16 22:57:22 UTC 2004


I have set up a DB in emboss.default as external, fasta format, accessing 
a MySQL database with my script.

It is working fine if I want to retrieve one sequence (DB:feh_human).
If I want to query more sequences ("DB:feh_*"), there is nothing (no 
sequences, no prompt).

Since my program working fine if I run it 'stand alone' (connectorom 
feh_*; not "DB:feh_*"), I think I miss some important information for 
usage the methodquery, for writing external application returning with 
more sequences: eg. what is the separator for EMBOSS between sequences.

Thanks for your help and suggetion,

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