[EMBOSS] Bioshell: EMBOSS without installation

Sebastian Bassi sbassi at asalup.org
Mon Jan 12 02:55:25 UTC 2004


I've just made a Linux distro called BioShell. It's a distro that works 
without installing. Just boot your PC with the CD on, and voila!. Linux 
is working, AND EMBOSS is pre-installed! (among other bioinformatics 
software like hmmer, BLAST, NCBI toolkit, and so on).
It is not online yet, but I'll try to put it ASAP.
What I need now is a mirror to host the iso. For now, its a 330Mb iso 
file. Next version I think will be smaller since this one has a lot of 
stuff that can be removed (like KDE games). It's is based on SLAX.
If someone could help me host the mirror, drop me an email!

Best regards,

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