[EMBOSS] Configuring EMBOSS to use getz

yann-francois.bizouerne at bayercropscience.com yann-francois.bizouerne at bayercropscience.com
Wed Oct 8 15:32:55 UTC 2003


I am trying to use the method "srs".
I am using Emboss  2.7.1 and SRS 7.1.

In my emboss.default file, I have :

   DB Nrl3dGetz [
   methodquery: srs
   format: pir
   type: P
   comment: "NRL 3D using SRS"
   app: getz
   methodall: direct
   file: "*.seq"
   dir: $emboss_data_dir/nrl_3d

When I execute the command "showdb", I obtain :

   Displays information on the currently available databases
   # Name        Type ID  Qry All Comment
   # ====        ==== ==  === === =======
   Nrl3dGetz     P    OK  OK  OK  NRL 3D using SRS

So I looks fine. But when I try to find an entry, I just obtain a error.

   user>entret Nrl3dGetz:11ASA -outfile stdout
   Reads and writes (returns) flatfile entries
   error: Unknown set or databank
     No set or library named "Nrl3dGetz"
   Error: Unable to read sequence 'Nrl3dGetz:11ASA'
   Died: entret terminated: Bad value for '-sequence' and no prompt

I have read all the SRS and EMBOSS documentations  related to this configuration
and I don't know where the problem is.
Do you have any clue ??

Thanks in advance.

Yann-François BIZOUERNE
BioInformatic Team
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91058 Evry Cedex
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