Non-sequence DataLibs

Peter Rice pmr at
Mon Mar 24 10:01:45 UTC 2003

Aengus Stewart wrote:

> I was wondering whether EMBOSS has plans to handle biological structured
> record data like GO, UNIGENE etc.
> I was playing around with setting up DBs with
> methodquery:srswww
> format: text
> url:""
> but of course retrieving things with seqret doesnt work and entret just
> produces an empty file.

Yes!!! As Alan said, there are already placeholders for this stuff. I am 
working on the internals now.

Still have to think up an equivalent name to "entret" (which reads 
sequences as its input type and returns whole entries). "entire" perhaps?)

Also need to give a little thought to how to index such databases - 
aside from using a remote web server (like your example) or local SRS.

Hope this helps,


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