DataLib management

Peter Rice pmr at
Thu Mar 20 17:35:03 UTC 2003

Aengus Stewart wrote:

> First of all a comment - I have had a look at the documentation for both
> dbiflat and dbigcg, and neither makes any note of the fact that both
> ACNUM and ID fields are indexed by default. 

Will be fixed. Thanks.

> A small point, there is an inconsistency between the allowed values for
> -fields and the values for the fields: tag in emboss.default
> I know they dont have to be the same, it just seemed odd.

Should be consistent. One is the names for the query syntax (same as in 
SRS) the other is the name used in the EMBLCD format index files.

I would prefer to use the query language names (id acc sv des org key) 
which means just changing the prompts for dbiflat and friends.

Any other votes?

> showdb -fields
> returns
> Died: unknown qualifier -fields

This works in the current developers release, which is what the EMBOSS 
web pages always refer to.

> What does dbigcg/dbiflat do with the release/date info?

It is part of the EMBLCD (and Staden) index file header. EMBOSS does not 
use it at present - but I would like to start making use of it.

It is not yet clear whether there should be a release number in the 
DBNAME definition in emboss.defaults - it is convenient to save asking 
the EMBLCD index (or SRS or whatever) but would need to be maintained.

Let's just say "I'm working on a solution" :-)

Hope this helps,


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