Seqret does not work in a crontab

Duhaime Johanne Johanne.Duhaime at
Wed Mar 12 21:29:17 UTC 2003


I have a perl program that use "seqret" to retrieve a list of sequences (and do other things).
The  target command used is:
 seqret -sequence=@/seqdata/seqdatabases/protein_embl/mammalian/ -outseq=/seqdata/seqdatabases/protein_embl/mammalian/mammalian.dat -osformat=SWISS  

The file /seqdata/seqdatabases/protein_embl/mammalian/ contains names of sequenes like:

and prot is define in .embossrc

This program works fine on the command line call. The problem arises when I put that program in a crontab. Then I have the following:

Reads and writes (returns) sequences
Error: failed to open filename prot 
Error: Unable to read sequence '@/seqdata/seqdatabases/protein_embl/mammalian/'
erreur :  
It looks like it could recognize "prot".
Can you help me?

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