EMBOSS 2.6.0 released

ableasby at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk ableasby at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Tue Jan 21 18:30:16 UTC 2003

EMBOSS-2.6.0 is now available for download from the homepage:
or via ftp:

The ChangeLog shows useful information. Highlights include
the addition of new programs (e.g. SIXPACK and PESTFIND) and
the first release candidate 1.0 version of Jemboss (see below).
Protein structure programs have been bundled together into
the new embassy package DOMAINATRIX so there is a more clear
distinction between sequence and structure analysis software.
It is still to be regarded as part of the main EMBOSS package
and, of course, maintains its GPL status.
All embassy packages have been re-bundled for this new release.


Features include:

-first release of Jemboss that uses the new Apache Axis (1.0) for the SOAP
protocol. The client and server now use Axis calls to communicate and for
data transfer.

- speed-up of the interface launching process; wossname.jar (containing the
  output of wossname) is wrapped with the client and the server is just
  queried for the database names and available scoring matrices on startup.
  This means that the interface can almost immediately spring into life and
  EMBOSS applications selected while the SOAP connection is made with the

- the installation script has been improved to simplify installation
  of a server.

- the ability to set up both client-server and standalone modes with the
  installation script.

- saving of the local working directory between sessions.


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