Peter Rice pmr at
Fri Jan 10 14:36:53 UTC 2003

Ciao Graziono,

> I have a single file containing 164 sequences in embl format 
> retrieved by SRS. I want to split all the entries in distinct files. I 
> have tried to use "seqretsplit", but it do not report FT lines. For example:
> My entry retrieved by means of SRS is:
> ID   AY045754_4; parent: AY045754AC   AY045754;
> FT   rRNA            610. .772
> FT                   /product="5.8S ribosomal RNA"

This must be a GCG format database, indexed in SRS ... you have gaps in 
the ".." format.

Ideally SRS would fix that ... but EMBOSS could cope with some small 
changes. Anyway, an SRS fix is non-trivial because it is reporting 
exactly the text that GCG stores.

> Anyone knows an application or a script that allows me to split 
> sequences (embl format) in different files without losing FT lines?

Simplest in your case would be a script that changes ". ." to ".." 
before passing the data to EMBOSS.

Meanwhile, I will take a look at fixing this for a future release.



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