[EMBOSS] Pepinfo's postscript output

Lu Qiang luqiang at scbit.org
Wed Dec 17 02:20:32 UTC 2003


When I use pepinfo as following:
pepinfo -inseq PCNA.fasta -graph ps -outfile pepinfo.out
pepinfo.ps is created. However, the two-page graph output could not be showed in GSView. Error is listed as:
DSC Error
EPS files may have 0 or 1 pages. This 'EPS' file has
more than this and so is not an EPS file.
You cannot use 'Print To' ‘Encapsulated PostScriptFile' for
print multipage files. The correct method is to connect 
the printer to FILE: or to select 'Print to File'.

Could anyone tell me how to process this error, and thus see the 2nd page in the pepinfo.ps?


Lu Qiang
luqiang at scbit.org

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