database info

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at
Mon Apr 28 20:19:30 UTC 2003

At 21:57 +0200 4/28/03, Marc Logghe wrote:
>Hi Koen,
>You probably also have to set the proxy in your .embossrc file:
>SET emboss_proxy "yourproxy:80"

Thanks Marc,

That doesn't seem to work - I never use a proxy anyway, so I guess 
the problem must be something else.

I also tried Pauls 2nd suggestion, by using the smaller databases 
that are in the EMBOSS package. According to the docs, I added

SET emboss_tempdata /sw/share/EMBOSS/test

to emboss.default.template (in my case on Mac OS X - this is the 
correct location of test).

When I now run showdb, there are no databases listed. Did I miss 
something else?

thanks again,

- Koen.

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