Peter Rice pmr at
Thu Apr 24 09:35:19 UTC 2003

arun anirudhan wrote:
> Hello all
> I am new to emboss. 
> showdb is showing the results correctly.
> But seqret is showing this result
> [arun at localhost arun]$ seqret
>                    Reads and writes (returns)
> sequences
>                    Input sequence(s): embl:L07770
>                    Warning: Cannot open division file
> '<null>' for
>                    database 'embl'
>                    Warning: seqCdQry failed
>                    Error: Unable to read sequence
> 'embl:L07770'
> Please help

You have EMBL defined as a database, but you have either not defined the 
correct access method or have not indexed it correctly.

Assuming you have EMBL locally, you could index it with the dbiflat 
program (or use SRS if you have it :-)

If you have EMBL defined as remote access, remember that L07770 is an 
accession number, not the ID (which is XLRHODOP)

You can try this definition to use ID and accession number searches:

DB embl [ type: N method: srswww
   url: ""
   comment: "EMBL from EBI"
   dbalias: embl

This uses the EBI's SRS server to query by ID and accession number for a 
USA that does not specify which kind of identifier you are using.

Hope this helps,

Peter Rice

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