Preferred isoschizomer (bis)

Guy Bottu gbottu at
Thu Apr 24 08:56:15 UTC 2003

	Dear colleagues,

I took a second look, and it is even worse : the file withrefm.304
contains as many as 149 enzymes with restriction site CTGCAG. The file
embossre.enz contains 2 sites CTGCAG (BspMAI and PstI) and 147 sites ctgcag.
When I run restrict with parameter -nolimit it finds the 2 sites and
when I run it in default mode it finds only BspMAI.

There is clearly a bug+misfeature in the programs rebaseextract+restrict. 
One would expect that restrict by default finds PstI and with -nolimit
finds all 149 enzymes (although this would give a monstrous output).

	Guy Bottu

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