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Mon Apr 21 12:43:36 UTC 2003

В Пнд, 21.04.2003, в 14:54, Carlos Quijano написал:

> 1- There is no GUI with all the options for all the programs (and you 
> have to do it without turning the GUI dusky).
> 2- There is no GUI focused in an output usefull for publishing - papers, 
> if you follow me - (great weak point).
> 3- There is no a really windows-based GUI without using Java or 
> web-browsing (I love GNU and Linux and Sun, so forget this unlucky 
> advice, for more detail, read line * ;-)
> 4- ¿Have somebody dreamed about pipelines between emboss apps?.
> 5- It could be great to have an expert system. For example, send a 
> sequence and receive all information possible (very usefull, a lot of 
> people is lost with the bioinformatic's protocols, with this utillity 
> they shall see how is all done). A cloning expret system? ;-)
> 6- It could be interesting to enhance the EDIT - VIEW interface of 
> emboss (and their GUIs do little about it, only presenting the output... ).

Big thanks for tips, more of them we are planed yet.

> I have installed Jemboss, W2H and EmbossGUI, all of them very usefull.
> My advice is that if you are going to spend your time for the 
> bioinformatics, it's best to improve the GNU software present by now and 
> only start from the beginning if you are going to do something really 
> new (for this reason I give you such ideas).

> Reading your mail seems you look for something new, and more powerfull, 
> you say "all-in-one". Ok, try with points 2,5 and 6. And if you think to 
> use it in cloning, then try to make cirdna and lindna apps, for example, 
> more usuable for the typical researcher (avoiding the code-like data 
> input file). This is the deficiency I found in EDIT-VIEW (6).
> You can do a lot for the emboss project developing a new graphical 
> output interface, for playing with the graphics (now we only have pretty 
> but boring and static png, ps or X11 graphics), and do them more 
> publishable and modificable. New applications for cloning would be great 
> too!
Automatical designing of cloning strategy and realizing features usefull
for day-to-day working of gene engeneer - our major aim. So realization
of powerfull interactive window-based GUI with advanced drag'n'drop
possibilities well'be we think not luxury.

> I heard there are some GUI projets abandoned, someone from Argentina? If 
> it's true and the GUI worths enough, you can re-take the effort.
Hm.. I dont know about it. I'll try to find some about.

> I hope that, between all this spanglish awfull lines you find something 
> usefull, at least a little help (I learned english reading Tolkien like 
> a freak, sorry if I write queer).
Ofcouse such essays will be very helpfull :) Dont take hard.

> Thanks for your helpfull GUI-dev interest!

Maxim A. Telegin
Russian Academy of Sciences

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