Synomyns and Datalib aggregation

Aengus Stewart aengus.stewart at
Tue Apr 8 14:41:14 UTC 2003


Just had a couple of thoughts

It would be nice to have a synomyns or alias tag that would take a list
of alternative names for datalibs - at the
moment I dont believe this is possible, so for "embl" and "em" you have
to duplicate the entire datalib definition?

When you want a SWALL that is SWISSPROT + SWISSNEW I dont see an easy
way to do this.  I hold both of these in separate directories with
separate definitions,  could the directory tag possible take a list as a
I imagine there may be other considerations as well.

BTW small typo in databases.html - in the Attributes section the key is
given as "filename:" shouldnt this be "file:" ?


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