fasta splitter

Sebastian Bassi sebastian.bassi at
Tue Oct 8 20:05:43 UTC 2002

> What did you have in mind as a naming convention for the 
> output files? The 
> existing code names each file after the first sequence, I 
> guess you want 
> "outfile.1" "outfile.2" and so on, possibly with leading zeroes 
> "outfile.,001" etc.

My $.02: I think that outfile.[number_here] is not a good convention, since the extension (whatever you put after the dot) means the file type, and here the file type is always the same (ASCII text). I think it should be something like:
It should look like this:

Anyway, IANAP (I am not a programmer) I'm just an end user and I'm stating this from a user consistency view point. If I have two mp3 files (xsongpart1 and xsongpart2) I would name them as part1.mp3 and part2.mp3 and NOT xsong.1 and xsong.2

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