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Tony Cox avc at
Tue Oct 8 15:10:22 UTC 2002

On Tue, 8 Oct 2002, January Weiner 3 wrote:

Thanks to all that responded. I did, in the end write a 12 line bioperl script
to split my fasta file. My request seems, however, to highlight a small blind
spot on the EMBOSS radar. It appears that there are a number of implementations
out there - perhaps one of them can be donated to the emboss project as the
basis of a new software tool?


+>> This is apparently something that is frequently asked by biologists.
+>> If you call it fastasplitter, I have a Web interface ready for it:
+>> If you think it's interesting, I install it, and in such case, I will
+>> put your name (J. Weiner ?) on the Web interface.
+>No problem, do it, it's freeware (not even GPL :-).  However, if you think
+>that such a tool is useful, then I'll rewrite it in C -- to make it faster.
+>If I may suggest -- it'd be nice if you could download or get the produced
+>files as a tgz or zip archive.
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