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Tue Nov 26 14:12:19 UTC 2002

Thanks Peter,
Sorry for the mistake.
I'm writing a bioperl script which automatically runs an emboss aplication.
I could have worked by generating foreach sequence I read a new file but it
looks pretty nice like that.


#! /usr/bin/perl -w

use Bio::Factory::EMBOSS;
use Bio::SeqIO;

die "Usage: perl [seqfileA] [seqfileB] [outfile]\n" unless @ARGV
eq '3';

#Read input files
($seqfileA,$seqfileB,$outfile) = @ARGV;

#Initialize Object
$EMBOSS = new Bio::Factory::EMBOSS;

#Define emboss program to run
$application = $EMBOSS->program('matcher');

#Manipulate SeqfileA file
$seqA = new Bio::SeqIO (-file => $seqfileA,
			-format => 'fasta');

while ($seqinA = $seqA->next_seq){
    $inseqA = "asis::".$seqinA->seq;
    $seqidA = $seqinA->id;
    print "####$seqidA\n";
    #Initialize seqB at every iteration of SeqA
    $seqB = new Bio::SeqIO (-file => $seqfileB,
			    -format => 'fasta');
    while ($seqinB = $seqB->next_seq){
	$inseqB = "asis::".$seqinB->seq; #Format like asis::ATGCGA (required
for emboss)
	$seqidB = $seqinB->id;
	#print "####$inseqA\n";
	print "Processing sequence $seqidA..vs..$seqidB...";
	#Define program parameters and run...
	    -sequencea => $inseqA,
	    -sequenceb => $inseqB,
	    -outfile => $outfile });  
	print "done\n";
Manipulate alignments.....


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Vilanova,David,LAUSANNE,NRC/BS wrote:
> Dear all,
> I was wondering if matcher program accepts a sequence via stdin.
> the following exemple doesn't work for me.
> matcher -sequencea 'ATGCGA' -sequenceb 'ATCTAGATATGCGA'
>>cannot open ATGCGA file for read.
> Is there anyway to submit a sequence via stdin ???

You don't mean stdin (that can only read one sequence anyway) ... you mean 
"can I specify a sequence on the command line?"

Yes!!!! You need the "asis" special format.

matcher -sequencea 'asis::ATGCGA' -sequenceb 'asis::ATCTAGATATGCGA'

(assuming your shell allows the command line to be long enough for your 
sequences :-)

Hope this helps


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