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Peter Rice peter.rice at
Tue Nov 26 10:40:04 UTC 2002

Michael Poidinger wrote:

> Do you (or anyone else) know the difference between related files?
> such as
> Ehum and Ehuman
> Eeco, Eeco_h and Eecoli
> Emus, Emussp

The codon usage files were set up a long time ago. It was not so easy to 
find a good set of tables that were free to use. The first tables (if I 
recall correctly) came from the TRANSTERM database

Short names (Eeco) are reformatted TRANSTERM codon usage tables with an E 
(EMBOSS) prefix and a .cut suffix to identify the format.

Names with _h (Eco_h) are highly expressed genes (high Codon Adaptation 
Index values)

sp endings? Help! Ysp is "Yeast S.pombe" of course. I assume the others are 
  for a genus (e.g. Mus sp. = Mus musculus and Mus domesticus) rather than 
a single species. Emussp.cut is a reformat of TRANSTERM's mussp.cod file. 
The EBI's FTP copy of TRANSTERM did not document exactly what these names 
mean. The original TRANSTERM documentation also leaves you to guess at the 
3-letter spoecies codes. The TRANSTERM website seems to be only partly 

Longer names (Eecoli) are added from elsewhere (I need to check on their 
origin) and only include a few genes (count the stop codons!) so I assume 
they are old and probably obsolete.

mt endings are mitochondrial genes

cp endings are chloroplast genes

Time to review these tables I suspect!!! How about replacing them with 
annotated tables from CUTG for selected species? We need to be careful 
about default table names in some programs, but they are easy to update.


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