Install Emboss with Windows??

Sharmila Pillai sharmila at
Thu Nov 21 11:12:33 UTC 2002


    From what I understand there is a cygwin compiled version but its not
tested and cannot handle graphics.
    You should refer to what Rodrigo Lopez wrote to the embosslist on
1/11/02 in response to subject:Remote getz from emboss

    Though this not the solution for your problem today, this could be the
direction for Windows users. I'll try to explain bit of it here:
    At the EBI's External Services group, I am working on a webservice for
EMBOSS using SOAP. Basically, this enables the user to use EMBOSS
applications remotely.

% seqret srsembl:J00231 -lhttp://servername:portnum/axis/services

The above command would use AXIS/SOAP to access the 'servername' and the
'portnum' which inturn would retrieve data from srsembl (as defined in
emboss.default) and pass it on to the application (seqret, in this example).
The result is sent to stdout.

All the user (using any OS) needs is a client which understands/interprets a
command line as above and some libraries for Axis/SOAP. We have an
experimental service using both Java and Perl running on Axis/Tomcat.

I don't think EBI provides remote access to many EMBOSS applications today.
Hoping our experimental service survives our tests and there is enough
demand for such a service, EBI can soon start opening up webservice access


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