Problem with EMBOSS GUI

Sebastian Bassi sebastian.bassi at
Mon Nov 11 12:10:54 UTC 2002


I've just installed the EMBOSS GUI on
(this should look like this
The problem as you can see on the webpage is the missing programs on the
left column (it should appear there all the EMBOSS programs).
I think this should be a path problem. For you to help me evaluate it, I
attach two files:
embossdir.txt, a capture of the ls -Ra from my emboss inst. directory
(/opt/emboss)., the file (for you to see if the path are right).
The file contains both files and I made it because sometimes
attached text get corrupted by some mailers.
I hope you can help me. 

Note: The EMBOSS were compiled using this:
configure --prefix=/opt/emboss --without-x --x-includes="" --x-libraries=""
The "without x" part is because it was comiled on a RH web server without X.

The emboss works fine, the problem is this GUI.

Sebastian Bassi.
Advanta Seeds. Balcarce Research Station.
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