Instalation and D'd problem.

Sebastian Bassi sebastian.bassi at
Wed Jul 31 07:36:00 UTC 2002

     I installed the rpm you point me and it works!!!!
     Here is a proposed question (and answer) for the EMBOSS FAQ (under 
     Q) Is there a way to install EMBOSS without X? (like in a text only 
     server machine)
     A) Yes, you only need to install XFree86-devel package before 
     configuring and compiling EMBOSS.
     (tried on a Red Hat 6.2 server installation).

        Thank you for your help.-

  PS: I?ll make a copy of this mail to the mailing list since it could help 
somebody else.

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Subject: RE: Instalation and D'd problem.
Author:  "ableasby at" <SMTP:ableasby at> at exkapelle
Date:    7/31/2002 1:39 AM

btw: I have been assuming all along that you categorically
     don't want X11 on your server. If that is not the 
     case then, as I see you're using RedHat, all you need 
     to install for emboss to compile is the XFree86-devel 
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