Some help required.

Alex Brown abrown at
Tue Jul 30 15:56:13 UTC 2002

OUCH !! (just me kicking myself).

Initially, the emboss.default file had the line:

SET emboss_tempdata path_to_directory_$EMBOSS/test

I had assumed thet 'path_to_directory_$EMBOSS was a variable holding the 
path. Apparently not so.

I edited this line as you suggested:

SET emboss_tempdata /local/share/EMBOSS/test

but again this didn't solve the problem. However, changing it to:

SET emboss_tempdata /usr/local/share/EMBOSS/test

did work. That might have been the root of the problem (groan !!)

Many thanks for all the replies.

Alex Brown.

On Tuesday, July 30, 2002, at 04:00 PM, Peter Rice wrote:

> First, I assume your emboss.default file has:
> SET emboss_tempdata /local/share/EMBOSS/test
> Next, you can try:
> seqret -debug
> This will write a file seqret.dbg  where I would expect lines like this:
> directory '/local/share/EMBOSS/test/embl' entry 'hs*' acc 'hs*'
> ajFileNewIn '/local/share/EMBOSS/test/embl/division.lkp'
> ajNamResolve of '/local/share/EMBOSStest/embl/division.lkp'
> This is the division file which it says cannot be opened.
> If you see what appears to be the right filename, check file (and
> directory) protection.
> If you see something else, it may give a clue to where the setup is 
> wrong,
> or you can get help from emboss-bug at
> regards,
> Peter Rice
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> ------------------------------------------------
> Peter Rice, LION Bioscience Ltd, Cambridge, UK
> peter.rice at +44 1223 224723

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