Asen Nenov asen.nenov at metalife.de
Thu Jul 25 19:35:36 UTC 2002

I wish to suggest a way of understanding the BLAST asn format.. Of 
course this is last hope method. :-)
Use the converters asn->xml of NCBI and do something with the output. 
Then reversibly reconstruct the data format. Enjoy.

Asen Nenov

Peter Rice wrote:

> Qingjuan Gu (Grace) wrote:
>>>Thirdly, do not use
>>>the very latest formatdb (NCBI have not yet released the
>>>details of their index format so EMBOSS cannot index them).
>>I did not use 'formatdb' for blast database, I just download from ncbi ftpsite "ftp://ftp.ncbi.nih.gov/blast/db/FormattedDatabases/" download and use gunzip and untar command to get these database.
> NCBI have changed the format of blast databases to "ASN.1 headers" (also
> known as 'format version 4')
> If you FTP the databases from NCBI you will probably get them in this
> format.
> We have asked NCBI for a description of the format. They promised to send
> one.
> Until then, the new blast format is not supported.
> I checked the latest code for the FASTA package, which has the same
> problem.
> Has anyone figured out how to decode this new blast database format yet?
> regards,
> Peter Rice

Best Regards
Asen Nenov

asen.nenov at metalife.de

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