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Peter Rice peter.rice at
Wed Jul 24 08:08:09 UTC 2002

Claude Bonnard wrote:

> Any idea of the place to search for this problem?
> % dbiflat tsw
>    EMBOSS An error in dbiflat.c at line 194:
> No files selected
> %
> I cannot find a way to get into any interactivity with (at least) this utility.

You can turn off the interactivity, but only for all applications (did you
try any others?), if you try (csh):

% setenv EMBOSS_AUTO Y

(or if you have emboss_filter or emboss_auto defined in your
emboss.defaults or ~/.embossrc files)

These are just ways to put -filter or -auto on the command line for every
application. You can hunt for them with -noauto or -nofilter on the command
line to see whether these are causing your problem.

The only parameter (no qualifier needed on the command line) for dbiflat is
the database name. Everything else will be prompted for.

OZE :-)


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